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Travel Anxiety and Car Accidents

These testimonials show how therapy can help with phobias.


CBT for the treatment of travel anxiety following a car accident

I used to be a very confident driver. I thought nothing of driving cars of all sizes and vans. Then I had an accident where I was hit from behind when I was stationary. I was shocked to find this accident affected me so much, because I had been so confident.

I went to see a doctor regarding my physical symptoms and I broke down into tears, which is uncharacteristic of me. I told him I had been sleeping badly, having dreams about the accident which were waking me up and I was avoiding travelling on the road where the accident occurred. Plus, I felt anxious in a car. The doctor suggested therapy.

When I started CBT, I thought it would never work. Instead, it has proved to be fantastic. It has had helped me massively in just 8 weeks. My confidence has returned.  The dreams stopped after the first session.  I now drive on the road where the accident happened without thinking about it.

I can’t thank Sarah enough for all her help.

(Female, aged 43, November 2017).

CBT for the treatment of travel anxiety and anger following an accident

After an initial assessment, CBT was recommended for me. I didn’t think therapy would benefit me in any way. I thought people who needed therapy were weak. I went to the first session quite closed minded about the whole thing. But after meeting Sarah for the first time, she made me feel very relaxed and I found myself opening up to her much easier than I thought I would. It surprised me how much talking I actually did.

The practical techniques Sarah taught me gave me a completely different perspective on all the thoughts about the accident I was experiencing.  We used a trauma processing technique, that enabled me to see the negative aspects of the accident which I had been focussing on, in a more positive way. My anxiety and anger have decreased significantly. I am extremely grateful for Sarah’s professional and personable approach.

(Female, aged 46)

Trauma-Focussed CBT following a car accident

Having had some sessions of CBT with Sarah as a result of being in a car accident, I feel a different person. Sarah made me feel relaxed from the start and her approach is very warm and understanding. The therapy was ideal for me as we started slowly and built up to the point where I could talk about the accident in detail and then finally let it go properly. I can laugh and have fun again. I am enjoying life to the full with my family rather than being frightened to get in a car. I would definitely recommend Trauma-Focussed CBT.

(Female, aged 58)

CBT for travel anxiety and low mood

Sarah really helped me to move forward with many things such as driving confidently again and reducing my procrastination. My car accident resulted in difficulties that affected many areas of my life and it was hard to overcome the emotional strain it had caused. Sometimes you don't realise how much something is affecting you without help from a third party. I now feel happier, more productive and able to acknowledge and reduce my road anxiety. Even though our sessions have been completed, the resources Sarah provided me with remain useful and accessible to me at anytime.

(Female, aged22)

CBT following a car accident

I didn't realise I needed any help until it was offered to me.  I just thought it was normal to feel anxious after a car accident but I didn't realise how bad my symptoms were until it was pointed out to me that I could do with some help to get over the impact of the accident. I had become a different person without knowing it. I put off driving and was a frightened passenger. I kept thinking I will get over it soon, but in reality this wasn't happening.

I found the CBT has worked wonders for me. It has set me up for life because I had learnt some great techniques in how to manage my worrying and anxiety. I am back to being a normal driver and a better passenger. It is all thanks to Sarah.

(Female aged 35)

CBT for travel anxiety and depression following a car accident

I was in a car accident as a passenger. Having been in the Services for most of my life, I thought the discipline of mind I had, would help me cope with what happened.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time and I went into a downhill spiral of despair and this affected my personal life. I stopped taking care of myself properly and lost my self-respect. This impacted on my partner as she saw me neglecting myself. I was heading towards a dark place with no visible signs of being able to counteract it.

My insurance company provided me with some therapy and I came to see Sarah for some CBT sessions. My problem came in two parts. On the one hand, I had been trying to suppress memories of the accident and on the other hand I was over-analysing aspects of it.  Sarah helped me deal with both parts and helped me put my life into perspective.

During the period of our sessions, I experienced some upsetting and challenging life events. Having regained my self-discipline and self-confidence, this gave me the strength to cope and support others.

(Male aged 70)

I came for CBT sessions nearly 2 years after my accident. My symptoms seemed to be getting worse and worse. I was stuck in the past dwelling on what had happened to me and I couldn’t find a way to move on. I felt very anxious and depressed. As the months went by I felt more and more anxious and depressed.  I had flashbacks every day, felt irritable and slept badly.  I felt trapped in a vicious cycle.

Through CBT I have learnt to manage and significantly reduce my feelings of anxiety. I no longer feel depressed. I have learnt how to deal with flashbacks and intrusive thoughts about the accident.  I am now able drive past the scene of the accident without it bothering me.  I feel confident to drive long distances and I have actually started to enjoy driving once again.

I actually feel happier and more confident than I did before the accident. I have learnt some amazing techniques on how to focus my attention and concentrate in all areas of my life. 

(Female aged 27)