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These testimonials show how therapy can help with anger.


CBT for Depression and Anger

Sarah was recommended to me by a friend, who had seen how low I had got.  I felt very anxious and embarrassed at the thought of seeing a therapist, because of the stigma attached to mental health issues. But I found the courage and made an appointment.

Sarah made me feel so relaxed and I was able to open up about all of my issues.  I endured an abusive and difficult childhood. Although I touched on this briefly with Sarah, we did not focus our work on this. She taught me very useful skills to manage my anger and to deal with the cause of my depression. These skills are now in full use in my day to day life. I developed a better understanding of myself and my mind. I learnt how to stop fighting life and to stop putting all my effort into trying to be happy.  Funnily enough now I have stopped trying so hard to find happiness and am applying what I have gained from these sessions, I am so much happier.

(Male aged 49)

CBT for Anger

When my son suggested coming for therapist for my anger issues, I thought “how could that ever help me?’  Because he kept encouraging me to go to see a therapist, I decided to give it a go. I am amazed that within such a short time I have been able to change. I have learnt some really useful techniques to manage the issues I had.  I discovered what was maintaining my anger and how to change my behaviour. I would highly recommend CBT, it has totally turned my life around. I found Sarah easy to talk to, she was caring and understanding. I thank Sarah so much for all her help

(Male, aged 52)