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Anxiety and Worrying - How are they related? What Makes Them Different?

Worry is a thought process. Anxiety is the emotional response which typically accompanies worry. It is a mood. The emotional effects of anxiety may include feelings of apprehension or dread, irritability and restlessness.

I imagine that you have clicked on this link because you are concerned about someone's anxiety level and worrying – or perhaps it's your own. You might be wondering how therapy can help. Indeed, you might even be worrying about how much you are worrying!

Some people would describe themselves as “being a bit of a worrier”. They come to me when their worrying has just got too much, or they feel overwhelmed with anxiety and have an awful knot in their stomach. I often find that people are ashamed about their anxiety and find it difficult to seek help.

I tend to use all three models of therapy - CBT, EMDR and person-centred therapy - to work on controlling anxiety and worrying. If you do decide to contact me, there's no need to decide in advance which you'd prefer. We can talk about it when we meet.

Here are some testimonials which my past clients have allowed me to share with you to help explain.


CBT for depression and anxiety

When I first started my sessions with Sarah I was in a very dark place. With Sarah’s help, guidance and with the tools she gave me, I feel 100% better.  CBT has taught me how to manage my thoughts and emotions, so they don’t impact me like they used to do. I am able to cope with what life brings up and the techniques have been something I have just integrated into my daily life. I don’t have to think any more about using them. I just do.

Although it was not a pleasant experience going through depression, now I am at the other side, I can recognise I have grown so much. The depression prompted me to look after myself and get some help. The therapy with Sarah not only helped me treat my depression, but it has enhanced my life in lots of other ways. I feel I have grown from it. I am glad I put me first!

(Female, aged 48)

I had suffered from depression since I was 17. I went onto anti-depressants for 4 years. I decided to come off them but still felt depressed. I tried some counselling but it wasn’t for me. My GP suggested CBT and I contacted Sarah.

We explored what was maintaining my depression and I realised that I was also feeling pretty anxious, but all I had been noticing was the depression.  Sarah taught me a variety of techniques, which I picked up really quickly. I practised them and put them into use immediately. I stopped struggling with my depression and anxiety. Instead I focused on using these strategies in every area of my life and I got on with living my life instead of waiting for the depression and anxiety to go away. I have been depression free for a month and my anxiety has been at a normal level for about 6 weeks, even though I have just started a new job.

I find the strategies have just become part of me and I don’t think about them.  I am doing things now that I could never have imagined when I started therapy.

(Female, aged 23)

I had 9 of 20 recommended sessions of CBT following a referral for depression and anxiety. Even though I wasn't going through my worst period of depression and anxiety at the time of starting my sessions, I can honestly say the time spent with Sarah has changed my quality of life. I no longer fear having repeat episodes of my symptoms in the future as I feel, Sarah has given me the tools to maintain a healthy mind and enjoy life again. For that I am truly grateful - Thank you Sarah!

(Female, aged 29)

CBT for Severe Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I can honestly say that CBT has changed my life. I feel moved when I think about the difference in myself from when I started to when I finished the sessions.

I had severe anxiety which took over my life and stopped me doing day to day things. I was ashamed of how I felt. I felt embarrassed I couldn’t deal with it myself. I reached rock bottom and sought help.

I am writing this because I want to help other young people realise they don’t have to suffer in silence. It’s ok to get help with anxiety. I am now getting on with life and enjoying myself without suffering anymore.

(Female, aged 20)

CBT and ACT for excessive worry, anxiety and mild depression

I was at a point in my life when I could not see a way forward to deal with my worries and was feeling really low.  I knew I needed help with issues but I was anxious about getting any sort of therapy. Sarah was highly recommended to me by a friend who had previously seen her.

After talking with Sarah I realised that I was experiencing Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). We used a CBT protocol to treat the GAD symptoms.  I learnt many useful techniques which I have integrated into my daily routine. These have really helped me manage my anxiety and worry. I now feel able to face so many things that I had previously avoided.

We then used Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help me identify my values and to find ways to live in line with these.  I was also introduced to mindfulness, which I am finding fascinating and useful.  As a result I am experiencing more fulfilment and satisfaction in my life and I feel grounded in going forward into the future.

(Male, aged 55)

CBT Testimonial for Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Since recently being diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) from my doctor, I was finding every day to day tasks of life really difficult to do and cope with. I had just gone through a second “breakdown” caused through a work related issue and was finding it hard to manage my anxiety. I was feeling constantly overwhelmed and in some bad moments, even suicidal thoughts would pop into my mind. That’s when I decided I needed to get help. Since working with Sarah and having a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), my life has completely changed. I learnt  effective strategies and every day tools to manage my anxiety levels and to change the way I think and viewed life stresses and how I viewed myself.  Now after completing CBT, my confidence has blossomed. I have reduced my anxiety so much now, that I don’t even suffer with GAD anymore. I am continuing to live a fully functional, healthy and happy life style and am soaring to new heights. I am excelling at my new job and am successfully managing to plan a fairly big wedding with all of the work that this entails, and I owe this all to Sarah, who has given me the strength, perseverance and resilience to be able to deal with any life events that may come my way .  I would strongly recommend Sarah to anyone struggling with: - anxiety, depression, stress, and low self esteem.  She has changed my life. You do not have to suffer in silence anymore; mental illness doesn’t have to feel like a death sentence.

(Female, aged 25)

CBT for excessive worry

When I first came to see Sarah I was at the point of running away. My mind felt out of control and I was worrying excessively.  This was having a severe impact on my wellbeing: my body was racked with tension and I was sleeping poorly.

Working with Sarah, I have found that the CBT has helped me sleep better.  I arrived on medication and now enjoy sleep without it. In terms of my anxiety Sarah taught me to identify my worries and how they affect my thoughts, feelings and action. I now possess better problem solving skills and I am able to manage my worries better.

I generally feel much calmer and able to cope.

Male aged 46

CBT for anxiety and worry

My worry/anxiety levels were very high. The CBT therapy has helped me to reduce these by firstly identifying my thoughts and then using techniques to think rationally. I found the relaxation skills very useful.

(Female, aged 52)

EMDR for anxiety and sense of dread

Having now had nine sessions of EMDR treatment with Sarah, I feel confident in saying that it has changed my sense of myself in my life. Looking back, I can see that when we started we had little more to go on than a chronic sense of dread in me that affected everything I thought and did. My sense was that this was due to things that may or may not have happened to me when I was a toddler. Despite the apparent vagueness of this, Sarah found a way of working with me that clarified the issues for me, and began to throw some healing light into some very dark and hitherto unexamined corners. Three months later, it’s good for me to be able to say that I feel braver, clearer, and happier as a result.

(Male, aged 56)

CBT for anxiety and excessive worry

Having done the CBT course in treating excessive worry and anxiety with Sarah, I feel like I have come a long way.

     •        My worries used to overwhelm me. I have now developed the skills and capacity to manage my worries so that I am no longer feeling continually anxious.

     •        I learnt really helpful problem solving skills and techniques.

     •        I did well in an interview recently when I used the problem solving training that I had learnt to answer the questions. I was also less anxious than I would have previously been. I was given really good feedback and was told that I was offered the position because I came across as genuine, passionate and they liked my ideas.

I believe the course has not only helped me solve my current issues but given me valuable life skills and resources. I feel confident about my future.

(Female, aged 25)

I was struggling and I could not make sense of what was going on for me. I felt anxious and was worrying about many different things.  As a result, I felt down and a little bit depressed.  It felt a bit like “someone had taken over me”.  I just didn’t feel myself. My worry and dwelling on the past felt out of control.

I decided to come for a course of CBT with Sarah. I had 8 sessions spread over 3 months.  During this time, I learnt useful techniques to control my worry and my dwelling on the past. I became more aware of my mind and what it was doing.  

I found Sarah to be very experienced, patient and caring.

I recommend CBT to anyone suffering from excessive anxiety and the accompanying depression. You don’t have to suffer in silence!

(Female, aged 30)