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Grief, Bereavement and Loss


EMDR for Bereavement and Loss

I experienced my bereavement a year ago. I was having trouble understanding what had happened and why. I struggled to move on in my life. I was overwhelmed with emotions at times. I thought I could control this myself but I found that I was stuck. So that was when I reached out to get help to understand the events that occurred in my life.

I was introduced to EMDR and I was very skeptical at first; thinking how will that help me to move on and how will I know it’s working. Having 4 sessions I feel in more control of my emotions and for once I am looking forward in my life rather than looking back. I don’t know what EMDR actually did to me, but whatever it did do, it certainly worked for me.

(Female aged 36)

When my mother recently died, it made me aware that I had not fully processed my father’s death which had happened in my late teens.  EMDR helped to release feelings of guilt around my father’s death.  I was able to resolve the fact that I hadn’t been able to help him even though I had been there when he collapsed.

Female (aged 37)

I came to see Sarah for CBT to relieve work related anxieties, however 2 sessions in and we were on an EMDR journey to unlock the stored pain attached to the sudden death of my Nan, 10 years ago. I had an engrained misconception that I had to live with uncontrollable and painful emotions as it was the only way I could retain the memory of my Nan, that I so desperately didn’t want to lose. EMDR quickly released the pain associated with the memories. This allowed me to be free of the negative cognitions associated with this loss and live in an enlightened state remembering the full turn of events, feeling the warmth of family love that was always present.

Female (aged 36)

I lost my Mum 6 months ago. I was dealing with it by “not dealing with it”. I kept pushing the emotions down and struggled on. Then when it came to Mum’s birthday everything came to a head. After that I started off feeling a little sad and then I felt overwhelmed with sadness. It resulted in me having to take time off work. My daughter suggested seeing a counsellor and at this point I knew I needed help.

I am amazed at how quickly EMDR worked for me. I feel like my old self is back. I can still see the last day with Mum and the lead up to it, but it no longer hurts. I no longer believe it’s weak to go for therapy. I now feel I can move on with my life and not feel guilty about feeling happy.

(Female aged 51)