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These testimonials show how therapy can help with phobias.


EMDR for pigeon phobia

My fear of pigeons had reached a point where it was controlling my life, to the extent that I did not even want to go on holiday if I knew it was to a place where there were lots of pigeons.  If I was in a town centre and I saw some pigeons, I would avoid them by going into a shop or take a detour around the long way.  There was no way I could entertain the thought of sitting at an outdoor café, where pigeons might come around my feet.

Now after the EMDR treatment, I am a lot more confident around pigeons and I don’t avoid them.  On holiday recently, I was sitting at outdoor cafés and on one occasion 2 pigeons walked through the area. I didn’t move away from them and I just carried on drinking my coffee. On another occasion a pigeon came towards me and walked under my sunbed and I just ignored it, which was a big confidence boost for me.  

(Female, aged 69)