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Postnatal Depression (PND)

These testimonials show how therapy can help with Postnatal Depression (PND).


CBT for the treatment of Postnatal Depression (PND)

I started to show signs of postnatal depression (PND) when my son was 6 months old. I didn’t admit to myself, or others and just struggled on. A couple of months later, I finally went to see my doctor and discussed my symptoms and as a result she prescribed me anti depressants. I held off taking them and made an appointment with Sarah as soon as I could. After an honest, confidential conversation with Sarah, I decided to have a few sessions of CBT to see if that could improve things. Within 6 sessions, I felt well on my way to feeling myself again! It was honestly that good!

Before starting CBT, I felt lonely, desperate, confused and embarrassed that I was going through this and didn’t really admit it.  Sarah’s approach left me feeling more in control, calmer and helped me to see things more clearly. I started to enjoy my son, something which I had always thought was the ‘natural’ thing that just happens when you have a baby… In those low, never ending days I honestly didn’t think I could get myself out of the downward spiral. The sessions were so so helpful and each time I stated to feel a little better. Sarah is an absolute professional and so good at what she does. I cannot be more grateful for the help she has given me!

Female, aged 31