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Traumatic Stress


EMDR following a car accident

When I first came for EMDR I did not really believe it could help me.  I looked EMDR up on line and thought it seemed too good to be true. I felt a bit confused with how I felt after the first couple of sessions.  Once we started doing “Safe Place”, I was really engrossed with EMDR. “Safe Place” was really useful and I’ve used it a few times to calm myself down.

I had not driven for over a year since the accident and I could not imagine myself driving again. Now having had EMDR, I have fully processed the memory of the car accident and I feel I’ve moved on from it. I am ready to drive again and feel excited about that. I have got my confidence and motivation back once again.

I would definitely recommend EMDR!

(Female age 24)


EMDR following a traumatic event

When I came for therapy I was frequently tearful. I was eating and sleeping badly. My relationship with my boyfriend was pretty bad at that point.  I was struggling with confidence at work.

I had 7 EMDR sessions to deal with the traumatic event.  Within 4 sessions I started to feel better, more upbeat and optimistic.  I began to understand the emotions I was feeling.  I realised I had been reliving the traumatic events for about a year.  I had not appreciated until then how the events had impacted my day-to-day life and had affected my confidence.

Through the course of the EMDR treatment I felt a heavy weight lift and I felt I could enjoy my life again. I was eating and sleeping better.  My relationship with my boyfriend improved greatly. 

I think if I experienced a traumatic event again I would be better equipped to deal with it. 

I felt Sarah supported me and helped me to find the courage to face my trauma and process it.  I feel proud of the distance I have come with Sarah’s help in such a short time, given that I had experienced my symptoms for over a year.

(Female, aged 25)

- - -

EMDR following a car accident

I am pleasantly surprised at how fast the treatment relieved my symptoms.  The shock that EMDR actually worked was big enough let alone the speed at which it was effective, definitely.

I am certainly enjoying driving again.  I am not excessively checking my rear view mirror.  I no longer have the physical symptoms such as the sweaty hands, tense shoulders, pins and needles in my legs or general feelings of panic.

(Female aged 23)


CBT following a car accident

Before the therapy everything felt like a dream and now I feel like I have woken up.  My world had become smaller and smaller because I was avoiding so much.  I had reached the point when I would only leave my home at the times of the day when there was the least amount of traffic on the road. I had stopped talking to anyone other than my daughter.  I was very jumpy and very scared.  I felt like I had to be on watch all of the time.  I was often irritable and it felt like the slightest thing made me angry.  Because of my travel anxiety I had lost touch with my family. I felt like I had no future.

I am so pleased I came for therapy and find myself recommending it to people because it has changed my life enormously.  I am no longer jumpy and frightened.  I feel confident to leave my home at any time of the day.  I feel very fortunate to have had Sarah to help me.  I now feel like I have a future and wake up feeling positive about the day ahead. 

I have learnt to ask for help in future and not to shut myself away. 

(Female age 39)